About Us

Committed to Enriching the Lives of Our Youth

SIDEINCAN Organization, an initiative of Haitian immigrants and first generation Haitian-Americans, is on a mission to promote the establishment of a peaceful climate based on the knowledge of Haitian culture and support spaces that strengthen youth leadership. We provide technical support to vulnerable families of the Haitian community in addition to other communities in the State of New York. 

It is our goal to promote the development of adapted and technical support strategies for families in need. Our efforts include assisted training, exchange and sharing workshops, individual coaching, formation of parent groups, field trips, community groups, and bilateral meetings.




This project aims to provide a group of twenty-five young people in Queens and Nassau County who are members of their local church with:

  • A learning space to help them develop personalized leadership based on age

  • Skills to help them identify their abilities and develop in the areas of their choice

  • To provide them with the appropriate tools to facilitate their full development within their communities and environment

  • Equip them with the necessary information in order to overcome the various prejudices and stigmas they are constantly faced with

  • Promote a better space of peace and harmony.